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urne per cani
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Urns for our loyal friends

Shengtai Urns have also been designed in specific models for domestic animals. For some years funerary centres, specialised in animal cremation have been created all over Europe. These centres offer a specific service of individual cremation. Why not treat our animal friends with the same loving affection we would want for our loved ones in the moment of farewell?

The best thanks

To donate, to those who shared our lives with love and faithful devotion, a delicate and affectionate moment of farewell is the best thanks to have been on our side, never asking for something in return. Shengtai Urns , completely biodegradable, ecological and environmentally sustainable, not only allow us to preserve the ashes of our beloved pet but also, if one desires, to scatter them in emotionally significant places in full respect of the nature.
urne per gatti
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