Entol-ENZITHAN: a filter for the temporary preservation of the corpses.
It is a filter based on mineral components and other natural products whose properties are able to delay autolysis and putrefaction.


– Stops the leakage of the liquids., (there is no breakage of the skin due to the pressure of the same).
Enzithan GKP-02 (1)– Absorbs the gases and the volatile organic compounds of the corpse and avoids bad smells in the room. 
– Avoids the use of refrigerating systems and of cool chambers.
– Leaves the tone of the skin vivid and natural.
– Avoid collapse of the eyeball.




The obstruction of the orefices as the body isn’t going to expel liquids.
Refrigerated chambers from the death to the time of the funeral.
The use of protective accessories and equipments
The use of dangerous substances for the conservation of the bodies.


Packing_EnzithanThe product is packaged in individual doses (a filter within a protective bag heat-sealed).

– The protective outer bag is a silver polypropylene barrier for the air and light to protect the inner filter while it is not used.

– The filter has 2 faces:

– The face similar to paper is a novel material  at the same time waterproof and breathable. It must be placed in contat with the skin of the corpse.

– The other face is plastic and it’s the outer and visible side.

On the back of each outer protective silver bag a label explains the characteristics, composition, dosage and instructions for the use.



– Open with your hands the outer silver envelope and remove the filter only in the event of immediate use.

– Place the filter from the genital area to the thorax. (Apply the paper face in direct contact with the skin, the plastic side should be on the outside).

ENTOL ENZITHAN must simply be laid upon the body starting from the genitals as soon as possible since the death occurs.

– After that it’s recommended to cover or wear the body with the filter on.

– For normal deaths the filter guarantees the conservation of the body for almost 48/72 hours.

– In case of critical deaths or for overweight persons it could be necessary to substitute the filter before that time.

ENTOL ENZITHAN is a product totally eco-friendly and biodegradable.