foto Xavier_rid1Our story began in 1998, when I founded, in the Principality of Andorra, the company Econatur, working in a small warehouse where our researches and tests started.

In year 2000 we introduced ourselves in the markets, where we achieved great success in the funeral sector, providing us an incentive to carry on with solutions for ecological issues. Subsequently, we opened our first factory in Spain making the first entirely biodegradable, ecological and environmentally sustainable urns of high quality. This was our earliest product for this delicate sector.

Later we entered the European and North American markets until year 2008, when we settled our actual company in the Popular Republic of China with the brand name of Shengtai ETC. Thanks to the support of the local Government and to our know-how and the high technological systems installed we can now offer an high value service in order to satisfy the high demand of our products in that country.

Shengtai Urns are the only ones certificated and approved in the whole world, with patent number 0001. The fundamental goals of our company have always been the research and the innovation to improve the products. Currently we are the only company on the market with an industrial and logistics ability that can guarantee an excellent service to our customers all around the world, with branches in four continents giving specific service to all the markets.

Shengtai urns are not “just one of the many products on the market”, but they are a unique product and thanks to this product, we are trying to establish a cultural transformation in the whole world. Thanks to the endless work of our clients and partners, and to the continuous research in our labs, today we are proud to have contributed to create in many countries the first ecological cemeteries.

Thanks to ours urns now it can be avoided the cutting of hundreds of trees or the contamination caused by the use of metallic, wooden or marble urns or urns made of any other materials with few ecological features.
Many companies have tried to imitate us conscious that in the next future the majority of the urns will be strictly ecological but Shengtai will always remain the undisputed leader on the market for its constant and unfailingly research, innovation and its worldwide service.

But the story doesn’t stop here: since year 2017 we have pushed the development of new ecological funeral products but not concerning the cremation. :
Recently we have introduced two original products suitable for all the world regardless of the individual culture or religion but always keeping in mind the needs of ecological solutions for the planet.

ENZIBAC: it’s a bacteriologic enzymatic filter to accelerate the natural degradation of the buried corpses. Not less important, it has great capacity to retain leachate and liquids preventing the contamination of the subsoil and of the groundwater. Enzibac is patented and certificated. ( )

ENZITHAN: it’s a filter for the temporary preservation of the corpses after the death.
It’s a product entirely ecological, without biocidas or chemicals and, since now, offered at a very affordable price. ( )

As chief manager of our group, my aim is to work hard to improve the funeral sector making available to all in the world innovative and ecological products at affordable prices for those sad and delicate circumstances as the loss of a beloved.

Sincere thanks,

The President, Xavier Miquel