foto Xavier_rid1Our story began in 1998, when I founded, in the Principality of Andorra, the company Econatur, with head office in a small warehouse where the first urns were produced.
In year 2000 we introduced ourselves in the markets participating in the exhibition FunerMostra, where we achieved great success, providing us an incentive to carry on with this exceptional adventure. Subsequently in year 2004, in Spain, we opened our first true production making the first entirely biodegradable, ecological and environmentally sustainable urns of high quality for our clients.

Later we entered the European and North American market with the brand name Econatur, this until year 2008, when we founded in China the current large production unit with the brand name Shengtai ETC in order to satisfy the high demands of our product in this country and we founded the namesake Brand.

Shengtai Urns are the only ones certificated and approved in the whole world, with patent number 0001. The fundamental goals of our company have always been research and innovation. Currently Shengtai ETC is the only such company on the market with an industrial and logistical ability that can guarantee products of excellence and quality both in Asia and in America, and starting from this year in a widespread manner in Europe also.

With the establishment of Shengtai Europe we can now guarantee a direct service in the entire European continent, capable of responding with competence and promptness to the existing demands. Shengtai urns are not just one of the many products on the market, but they are a unique product, thanks to this product, we are trying to establish a cultural transformation in the whole world.

Thanks to the endless work of our clients and partners, today we are proud to say that we have contributed to create in many countries the first ecological cemeteries. This avoids cutting of hundreds of trees and the contamination caused by the use of metallic, wooden or marble urns or urns made of any other materials with few ecological features – all this to protect the nature and environment.

Many companies have tried to imitate us but Shengtai will always remain the undisputed leader on the market because it is capable of offering already today more than 87 models at different forms and colours and because it will always carry on unfailingly with research and innovation.

Sincere thanks,

The President, Xavier Miquel