foto Xavier_rid1Many challenges have filled my life and I’m happy of having achieved most of them.

However, the challenges that I’m going to live in the next future are like no others exciting. The reasons of this enthusiasm are substantially two: first of the all the new family of products that Shengtai, the company that I’ve the privilege to lead, is introducing into the market. These are innovative products that reflect my all life sensibility towards the ecological problems and the attention to the people in hardship. The second reason is the awareness to have built in the past years a harmonious and determined team that shares my vision of doing business and gives me the serenity to face every challenge.

Shengtai is a company conceived for the investigation of new ecological products.

Our human team is made up of people with different nationalities united by a common goal: the creation of new products that do not cause any harm to the environment. No matter the different cultures, the origins, the races or the personal beliefs: we just care about leaving a legacy of new products for the future generations.

Our planet is suffering constant aggressions due to the many worst practices of the human beings and that’s where we are working to change this tendency. We believe that most of the waste that we dump in the environment every day can be manufactured in a different way, using materials that do not contaminate, but not altering at once the people’s cultural traditions. That’s why we have created SHENGTAI and why we have been working tirelessly for more than 20 years.

Our motto is: “The best waste is the one that is not manufactured”.

However, our aim isn’t limited at the development of eco-friendly products.

Our biggest satisfaction, thanks to the continuous researches and investments, is to offer worldwide these innovative products at very low and affordable prices.

We believe that a company involved in the ecological sector must have also a social responsibility. It’s our profound belief that the planet will be safe only if the innovative products and the technology can be shared without distinctions between rich and poor, north and south, political, social or religious identity, that’s to say available to everybody.

In particular, our products have found many applications in the funeral sector and we are proud not only to have contributed to raise awareness about the ecological problems in that sector but also offering new and innovative products for the saddest and most delicate circumstances of the loss of our loved ones.

Many sincere thanks.

Xavier Miquel